Littledown, Bournemouth

The client had moved down from London and had a very clear idea of what they wanted and how they wanted the finished product to look. This meant spending a lot of time with the clients making sure that their choices would match the finished product.

Making sure expectations were met on every level, from choosing the highest quality fence panels, to making sure the brick work was as exacting as they expected, to getting bespoke railings manufactured locally took a little more time than we first thought, but after many different scenarios had been discussed the only way we could make sure that expectations were not only met but were exceeded was to take the required amount of time to get it right.

As the clients timing expectations were not met, we made sure that the end product blew the clients expectations out of the water and all time over-runs were quickly forgiven and forgotten!

As Image Driveways grow as a business we expand our expertise and we are super proud that even through there were some timing issues on this project the end result not only satisfied the clients but made them the happiest people on the block! Literally!

As I am sure you will agree, the images speak for themselves…