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At image Driveways and Landscaping we strongly believe that fencing is not simply a boundary marker that delineates your border from your neighbours. We passionately believe that as much thought should go into choosing the right fencing solution so that it compliments and enhances your garden’s personality.

We have the expertise and creative vision to ensure that your boundary solution exceeds your expectations and enhances your garden’s visual appeal to create an oasis that simply states welcome home.

All of our solutions are made from high-quality wood and are amongst the very best products on the market. Request a call or use our live chat feature today to arrange for one of our consultants to visit today.


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Image Driveways and Landscaping come back with the most comprehensive and detailed quote. All questions are answered, no matter how niggling, leaving no doubt as to who you should use.

All employees of Image a true professionals, with the owner having had 30 years experience in driveways and landscaping and fencing, we are quick and amazing to set your mind at ease right from the get go. we are always available to take your call, all staff were courteous and professional at all times, and our work was top quality.

From building regulations in addition to drainage and finally to choosing the right material Image are a step ahead of all the competition. Not only in the Dorset and Hampshire region, but the whole country! Image Driveways and Landscaping have a faultless performance track record, resulting in beautifully finished amazing jobs.